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Super happy, just love it 👌🏼

Beautiful 🤩
Nice addition to my setup.
Quality is really good!

Fantastic Addition!

This piece brings the entire stereo together. Looks great with my system!! Thank you and it was well worth the wait!

Love this device!

Adds a special touch to the music, great conversation piece!

The best of the best

Even though it toojk some time ti delivered it, its well worth the wait. I taught this is made local in the states. Been looking for a perfect audio visualizer that will match in my vinyl room. And found the right one.
The design is simple but materials used were superb.
Thank you for making them, for us , people who appreciate the beauty of music. KEEP IT UP👏👏👏.

Its a nice gadget

Love this thing! One of the coolest accessories I've added to my system, well built, works flawlessly, can't take my eyes off of it when I'm in a listening session.

Great addition

Super cool design and a great add to my setup. I love all different visualizations it does. Awesome piece!

Love Love Love

I simply love this album holder/visualizer. You have different settings to choose from. I love it and highly recommend it. Good communication with the company and excellent customer service. Highly recommended, very well made and I simply love it.

Smart Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand
FRANCE PARE BRISE diemmi melley

Un grand merci pour cette appareil génial

Great piece of kit!

Fantastic product. Well made, functional, and just plain cool. Looks right at home with my vintage McIntosh set up. Just get it already!

Great modern take on the classic hifi spectrum analyzer / 80’s arcade game!

If you saw this and bought it, you will have already been sold on the idea of a modern day hifi spectrum analyzer. A well made and enjoyable item. It’s also a neat way to show off your ‘now playing’ vinyl. Totally in love with this first world problem! Just buy it now.

Smart Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand
Oscillating Daily Audio
Oscillating Daily Audio approves!!

Super cool item and easy to use..doesnt feel cheap and is pretty on the eyes!!

kudos for a very cool product!

Awesome piece of tech! Probably going to purchase more in the future. Only complaint I would have is I wish the record holding parts were a little longer in the back and the front to be a little higher/thicker. Have issues with putting a record on it with a vinyl protector sleeve over the jacket. Doesn’t wanna stay put. But not a deal breaker at all as the jackets look better without the glare. Would 100 recommend this purchase!! Thanks -Mike


Worth every penny spent. Absolutely love it.


I’m continued to be impressed with the sensitivity of the this product to the sound system. Pleased to have a product that not only performs well, but looks amazing with my hifi too.

First it was my husband that loves it, but now I love it too

Gave this to my husband for his birthday. We saw it from a video in Youtube (Techmoan, I believe). He sent this link to me and I bought but still with some doubts.

Now its in our living room and livens up the space. My father-in-law probably wants it as well.

I can say that the design and build quality is worth the price. And if you have a music lover in the family, they will surely love this.

Great product

Fun product,, high-quality item

Not just for vinyl lovers, CDs are perfect too!

I don't do vinyl, I do CDs. I've been using plastic plate stands to display my CDs when I play them. When I saw this I knew it would be perfect to replace those in a very stylish way and also a way to visualize my music. Works perfectly for CDs! Just wish it could be adjustable in some way to accommodate smaller box sets or large sets that come in a book. But that's just being nitpicky haha! I love that you don't have to plug this in to your audio system, the microphone is perfect for something like this! This is not meant to be a spectrum analyzer it's meant to be a visualizer which is what it does perfectly! Really glad I made this purchase and have recommended it to a few of mine in this printer at area

Very Nice

I saw this record stand/display on Techmoan's site and decided to order it. The order process was easy, but the shipping was pretty bad. I contacted PETRU about not receiving the item, and they were very helpful and replied to my emails right away. I finally gave up on waiting for the stand, and requested a refund, which PETRU gave me right away. Naturally, a few days after getting the refund, the item arrrived. I think it was about two months or so. I then contacted PETRU and told them to rebill me, which they did.

I've used the stand for about a month now and really like it. It looks cool with the rest of my vintage stereo gear. The microphone is sensitive enough that I don't have to blast the stereo to get the display moving. The sensitivity control works well, and it is easy to scroll through the various display settings.

A very nice piece of gear.

Lovely tech from Lithuania.

We love it. Especially the shading in the blocks. Unique and one of a kind.

Amazing Product

This is a great product that you can benefit from if you enjoy actively listening to music. A lot of music these days is consumed as background noise . If you like to sit down and really appreciate an album, this is a nice complement that isn't distracting and helps you think about what you're listening to in different ways.

It's very well constructed and designed, arrived with no damage. I really like the look of it and the wood + metal + visualizations reminds me of the nearly forgotten Atari Video Music console, which is one of my favorite things but really impractical these days.

The one flaw I have found is that the lip in front is a little too stubby to hold a record up that has a plastic sleeve with an exposed seam along the bottom, as some of the cheaper ones do. I plan to modify this with a little bit bit of L-shaped aluminum extusion with a slot cut into it to go over the existing bar.

Great addition to my entertainment system

This is a great little device that sort of a novelty but reminds me when I was a kid and all the electronic entertainment had equalizer bars and we also used to have a music visualizer. It’s very late 60s early 70s aesthetic but much more modern and it has high-quality LEDs that are very bright. It looks really good. I have to turn the sensitivity quite high but it works well. I kind of wish there was at least one more non-music visualization mode just because I really like that one the Star Trek looking one but I understand if you have too many modes it gets kind of cluttered so overall though I just plug it into the TV and enjoy all that LED goodness. And even though the price is a little high for a novelty, it’s high-quality, so I don’t mind paying the price.

Great record stand and even cooler record decor!

I’m absolutely mesmerized by the light display and love the retro look of the wood grain, control knobs and minimal record stand metal frames. The product works as described and looks great on display. Thanks Petru Designs for making exactly what I’ve been looking for for years!

Fantastic Visualizer!

Such a cool addition to my audio setup. Very responsive and vibrant display. Adds a really neat effect to my stereo. I really like that the brightness is adjustable if you want it to be more subtle as well. Styling allows it to fit in with a new more modern looking stereo, but also right at home with an older silver faced setup from the golden era. I can't think of anything that could be improved. I almost forget that it is also a functional record display stand. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add a little bit of flair to their stereo.